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    Since 2006, oil output has levelled out at just below 70 million barrels per day. By 2030, the volumes from existing fields will decline dramatically. Which alternative fuels could replace mineral oil in the European energy mix sustainably in the long run?

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    The European wholesale energy markets show a continuous rise in trade volumes and offer a steadily growing range of standardised products. The generation mix varies considerably, but the cross-border transport infrastructure leads to market price convergence. How can the growth in liquidity on the wholesale markets be put to optimal use?

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    More than 70% of the world's natural gas resources are located within the European economic reach. By increasing imports, the EU can raise its natural gas supplies by more than 20% until 2020, although its own production is falling. How do the growing networking of international pipeline systems and the construction of new natural gas storage capacity play together?

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    Energy as a "low interest product", high customer satisfaction and limited competition intensity ensure that households have shown little interest in switching providers until now. But new cheap suppliers, increasing price sensitivity and new products can trigger more dynamism here. How should energy utilities companies respond to increasing market pressure?

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    Even on the most optimistic assumptions, regenerative energies and improved energy efficiency will only be able to replace fossil energy generation in the long term. Global energy supply will therefore continue to depend on fossil primary energy carriers for decades. Which advantages do new technologies for CO2 capture and storage offer to energy generating companies?

Energy can be regarded as the cause of all changes in the world.
Werner K. Heisenberg (1901-1976), physicist and philosopher


Energy industry

Exploration, generation, trading, portfolio management, grid, storage, sales, consumption, disposal, recycling, electricity, gas, water, heat, biomass, coal, oil.


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    The company's organisation and processes must match its strategic orientation...
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    One of the key management tasks is to optimise the company portfolio by acquisitions and divestments...
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    The energy industry is in transformation and that leads to profound changes for companies...

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The Advisory House supports leading European energy suppliers in mastering their key management challenges. We have developed a comprehensive competence spectrum for this purpose. Our services range from Strategy & Business Models, Processes & Organisation, M&A, Finance & Controlling to Technology and Transformation Management. The reason being that the real challenges are never one-dimensional, and business models are ineffective without financial controlling. And successful transformations also require expertise in processes and organisation. And, last but not least, innovative strategies often only become conceivable when applying new technologies.

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