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Energy can be regarded as the cause of all changes in the world.
Werner K. Heisenberg (1901-1976), physicist and philosopher


Energy industry

Exploration, generation, trading, portfolio management, grid, storage, sales, consumption, disposal, recycling, electricity, gas, water, heat, biomass, coal, oil.

Transformation Management

The energy industry is experiencing an intense phase of change. That leads to many changes in companies, either because reorganisation is required or because the next generation of system technology is being introduced. Changes may also result from cooperation between companies or an imminent takeover (post merger integration). It is not enough for management to focus on transformation goals. Successful transformation must be managed actively. Programmes and packages must be developed and supervised. Developments and decisions must be communicated. Employees want to be inspired. The aim is to foster commitment towards change among all participants and maintain the momentum. The change management experts at The Advisory House possess precisely that expertise.

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