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Application to optimise power plant deployment

The Advisory House has substantial expertise regarding the interfaces between water and energy.

Safe and economic supply of drinking water and water for industrial use is not a matter of course. Water processing, reservoirs and supply networks must be managed and maintained according to very stringent quality standards. The Advisory House advises companies and public utilities in supplying water, especially also with regard to multi-utility strategies, i.e. where water and energy supply represent a joint corporate challenge.

In addition to drinking and industrial water use, water has also been an important and ecologically sound energy carrier for power generation since the end of the 19th century. Since it is so attractive (e.g. usable as a controlling energy in pumped storage plants or its carbon neutrality), this resource is often also used for relatively small yields in the form of small hydroelectric power plants. The Advisory House has developed the HYDROPT application, which is used to deploy storage power plants for ideal yields. HYDROPT is in constant use in many large water power plants in the entire Alpine region.

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