With the keen eye of an expert,
I first look at the price.
But upon closer inspection,
As the price increases, so does the appreciation.
Wilhelm Busch (1832-1908), humorist poet and cartoonist

Sales, Consumption

Most industrial consumers and private households in Europe are now free to choose their energy provider. But the energy industry transformation is still continuing and Europe’s energy market situation is still far from settled. Due to their interaction with end consumers, energy providers are confronted directly by the debates about energy face major challenges.


Competitors with new market images are securing market shares, especially in the discount and eco-power segment. Significant customer migration rates are causing insecurity in the sales portfolios of power companies. They need to be managed professionally together with the procurement side.

Increasing competition is forcing the development of powerful, efficient end-to-end processes, including marketing, execution, energy logistics and procurement.

Cooperation models offer opportunities for growth, often going beyond standard shared service themes. And innovative product concepts for Smart Metering, Smart Homes and Electromobility are expected in the near future.

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