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    More than 50% of the European power mix is generated from fossil resources and almost 30% from nuclear energy. Fossil stocks are shrinking, CO2 reduction is a prime aim of anti-global warming efforts, nuclear power is controversial, and we have not yet arrived in the era of wind, water and sun energy. The debate about the future of electricity has been initiated. So which well-founded positions can utilities companies adopt?

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    The European Union can only cover app. 40% of its natural gas consumption from its own sources. According to current estimates, Europe could depend on imports for about 80% of its natural gas in future. How can companies protect themselves against price fluctuations and supply bottlenecks today and tomorrow?

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    Coal is one of our most important energy sources and still has a relatively long life ahead. Coal is available globally and relatively cheap. On the other hand, coal-based power generation also contributes to global warming. Will science succeed in making coal combustion more efficient and environment-friendly? What can CCS technologies (carbon capture and storage) achieve in future?

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    In the United States, oil production peaked around 1970. The global "Peak Oil" is expected fairly early in this current century. What are our plans for the post-oil era? Will cars drive with natural gas, electricity or hydrogen by 2025? Vital questions sustainable business models need to address.

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    The global water markets face profound challenges. In Europe, there is a need for huge investments into water infrastructure. They will have to be borne mainly by governments who can no longer cope with all the associated responsibilities on their own. (How) can governments and the private sector cooperate? Which strategies will work?

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    Some 70% of the energy consumed in European households is used for heating. Exterior wall insulation alone can cut energy consumption by up to 30%. Which construction methods and materials will we use in 2025?

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    Bioenergy is the allrounder among renewable energies. Biomass is suited for generating electricity, heat and fuels alike. The perspectives appear promising. In Europe, only about 20% of the available bioenergy potential is currently used. But biofuels are also criticised. How can energy providers operate in this conflict-prone environment?

Energy can be regarded as the cause of all changes in the world.
Werner K. Heisenberg (1901-1976), physicist and philosopher


Consulting expertise

• Strategy & Business Models

• Processes & Organisation

• Mergers & Acquisitions

• Finance & Controlling

• Technology

• Transformation Management

Value Added Steps

  • Exploration & Generation
    Primary energy haulage and generation take place in a highly complex global environment today...
  • Trading & Portfolio Management
    The still young value added step energy trading is already reaching its second growth curve due to market convergence...
  • Grid & Storage
    As a result of variable national development stages and regulatory degrees, the challenges confronting network operators often differ considerably across Europe...
  • Sales & Consumption
    Most industrial consumers and private households in Europe are now free to choose their power supplier...
  • Disposal & Recycling
    In many industries, reducing CO2 emissions is a priority agenda item...

Energy Carriers

  • Electricity
    The Advisory House has a proven track record across the entire electricity value chain...
  • Gas
    The Advisory House advises leading gas utilities in handling the challenges of gas market liberalisation...
  • Water
    The Advisory House has profound expertise regarding the interfaces between water and energy...
  • Heat
    The Advisory House supports energy companies in the development of sustainable thermal energy concepts...
  • Biomass
    The Advisory House advises companies in designing new business models for the biomass market...
  • Coal
    The Advisory House helps energy traders develop and implement their coal trading strategies...
  • Oil
    The Advisory House advises energy traders in defining and implementing their oil trading strategies...

We focus on the European energy industry.

The energy industry is the backbone of modern society. Rising standards of living also raise the demand for energy. Safe, sustainable and affordable energy supply is essential for the future of Europe. The industry is transforming from monopoly structures to open competition, from fossil fuel and nuclear power to renewable energies, from selling standard products to offering smarter solutions. The best companies are preparing to meet these challenges. We advise them.

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