Energy is what makes Europe tick.
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The Advisory House advises energy traders in designing and implementing their oil trading strategies. And we think ahead.

We live in the age of oil. Oil currently provides more than one third of the energy consumed worldwide and is therefore the No. 1 energy source. Oil products are used as fuels for most transport vehicles, burned in oil heating systems, used for power generation and processed in the petrochemical industry.

The global oil trade is complex. It includes long-term supply contracts, trading on the futures exchanges and on the physical spot markets in oil ports. The Advisory House supports European energy traders in managing their oil positions.

Oil, a fossil fuel, has only limited reach. That makes it important to assess new business models for the future which can contribute to reducing dependence on oil. For example, The Advisory House advises companieson generating power from renewable energies and positioning themselves in the electromobility sector.


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