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The Advisory House supports leading gas suppliers in mastering the challenges of gas market liberalisation.

The liberalisation of gas markets in Europe lags behind the transformation of the electric power sector. In many countries, the number of gas providers between whom end consumers can choose is far lower than on the electricity markets. Regulatory authorities, however, are driving the pace of market opening. The gas market is beginning to change.


In Germany, for example, the dual-contract model of gas trading on virtual trading platforms and at the European Energy Exchange (EEX) in Leipzig was introduced in recent years. Control zones were merged and accounting has been reorganised.

In 2009, gas prices were detaching from oil prices for the first time. Low gas prices initiated higher demand on the exchanges, residual volumes were increasingly procured from the spot market, and the number of long-term contracts declined. Leading gas suppliers anticipate these changes and use them to position themselves on the market. The Advisory House supports them.


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