Substantial investment in European energy infrastructure is required in order to guarantee the EU a secure energy supply (...) and to transform the European energy system into a low-carbon system.

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Application to optimise power plant deployment

Exploration, Generation

Today, the exploration and generation of primary energy is part of a highly complex global environment shaped by political, economic, ecological and technological factors. The same applies to the processing and generation of secondary energy at European level.


Successful energy suppliers are addressing these trends with a systematic approach to planning and optimising their exploration and generation portfolio. Their strategic aim is to consistently achieve adequate asset allocation in the context of these complex conditions.


Often geographic expansion, e.g. power plant projects abroad, offer opportunities to improve the portfolio profile. Which projects are suitable? How should one approach them? Technological innovations, too, can open up new value added potentials – whether they apply to CO2-free flexible power generation or unconventional processes to produce oil and gas.

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